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May 21, 2020

15+ Best Lead Generation Tools for your Business in 2020

Best Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation is not how much traffic you have on your website or how many people show interest in your product. It is about gathering accurate information about your potential clients and making them enter the first part of your sales funnel. Lead generation tools come with different purposes. You need to decide which one works best for you and make it a part of your business process. Without further delay, check out the few of the best lead generation tools for your growing company.

Benefits of using Lead Generation tools

Finding out and setting up a lead generation tool for your organization might seem to be a challenging task at first, but it would help you a lot. Here are the benefits of having a lead generation tool set up for your company.

1. Increase in Conversion rate 

The percentage of people who buy your product/services out of the ones who are interested is called conversion rate. The quality of your sales lead will increase due to the lead generation tools. Hence it will increase the conversion rate of your company.

2. Increased focus of your team

When the sales team has a map to work on, their focus will be on point and would not lose out on productivity. This increased focus would fetch you better results and eventually lead to a spillover effect on the overall growth of the company.

3. Scalability of your business 

When you streamline all your productivity towards the right direction, you would be able to achieve a great number of leads. This would increase the scalability of your business functions.

4. Effective Informed decision making 

With the right analytical data, you would get an idea of what are the sources that are providing you with more amount of leads. These sources can be the target with more efficiency to make the most out of your lead generation efforts. This information would help you make informed and data-driven decisions for your business.

Best lead generation tools category-wise

Here is the curated list of Best lead generation tools for your business in 2020 categorically presented to help you get a better idea.

1. Exit Pop Ups 

2. Email Marketing Tools

3. Customer Messaging Platform

4. Digital Advertising platform

5. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools

6. Email finding tools

7. Social media marketing tool

Exit pop up Tools

If a user has come across your website, it means they came from some relevant source that you have put. It could be a link from another website, social media, or just a google search. When the reader reads your content, they get satisfied and leaves. This is a potential lead that you are missing out on. That’s where exit pop up comes into play. 

Poptin is an exit pop tool that lets you capture more leads and sales with beautiful popups that collect user information. The user interface is so simple that you do not require to be a designer to design exit popups. You can try their free plan where they’d give you 1000 exit pop-ups.

Price: Free and Premium plans start from 19$/month

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress. You can easily integrate it with your website. It comes with an inbuilt A/B testing feature that will give you an idea of what works and what does not.

Price : Starts from 67$

Email marketing tools

Email marketing tools will enable you with design-heavy marketing campaigns through emails. If you have newsletter subscribers, you can create creative emails and drip email campaigns with follow-ups that would help you get clients through emails.

Moosend is an email marketing and marketing automation platform, with them you will be able to easily manage your email lists and create an amazing newsletter with their easy to use drag and drop editor. In addition to email marketing features, you will be amazed to find out that you also get access to Landing Pages and Subscriptions Forms, which means that you can combine the power of email marketing with two of the best lead generation techniques out there!

Price: Free Forever(up to 1,000 subscribers), Pro Plans start at only 10 $/Month

Sendinblue is a marketing automation software for lead generation. You can get combined benefits of SMS as well as emails. You can simply use their drag & drop feature to create high-quality emails. You will get an analysis of the email activities. This would give you an idea of your conversion rate.

Price: Free, Premium plans start from 25 $/Month

Mailchimp is another email marketing tool that would ease your job of sending emails to a group of people. It has a bunch of great designer email templates to choose from. You can directly choose the template according to your needs and send it to your audience. It also has a feature of retargeting ads which would help you remarket to the customers who showed even a little interest in your product.

Price: Free, Premium plans start from 9.99$/month

Customer Messaging Platform

Millennials are in love with live chat as a medium to talk with businesses due to speed and ease. These tools give you a one on one chatting experience with your potential customers. You can put a chat pop up on your website and visitors can choose whether to interact with you or not.

It is a customer messaging platform where you would be able to solve direct queries, assign tickets, prioritize, and share chats within teams. Your expert sales team will be able to direct these leads in the right direction by providing guidance through their product knowledge. If no one is available to chat, the tool will ask for the email address and some basic info to revisit the customer. This could fetch you priceless data of your leads.

Price: Free 14 day trial, Premium plans start from 87$/month

Crisp has all the qualities of a lead generation tool. Some amazing features that we particularly like are integration with apps. It could be integrated with Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. You could choose your home ground to play with. Also, you can create your own native knowledge base for repetitive questions. Customers will get their answer directly instead of engaging with a salesperson.

Price: Free, Premium plans starts from 25$/month/per website

Digital Advertising platform

The Internet is in every corner of the world and we can make good use of it to generate leads. Digital advertising platforms give you immense power to target audiences and get leads according to your user persona. You can categorize your audience in terms of demographics and locations.

Google ads allow you to create brief advertisements, product listings, video content that would be promoted within the Google ad network to web users. It is high quality and standard web platform which would let you target specific keywords and get analytics of the same. You can decide to pay according to the search volumes of your keyword.

Price : Free

WordStream is a great lead generation tool if you want an all in one package of advertisement tools. It is targeted to SMEs as they might not have the capacity of having experts in each department in-house. It can be integrated with Google Ads, Bing Ads, and some other major ad platforms. You will be able to create ad campaigns, identify positive and negative keywords, and set a budget according to your needs. The software also allows you to create optimized landing pages, as well as track and build reports around conversion and call data.

Price: Starts from 199$/month and based on your ad spend. 

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools

Customer Relationship Management tools work great as lead generation software. You just need to know the right ones. These tools are full-fledged kits to market and gather new leads from the market.

Hubspot provides you with the features of social media marketing, content management, web analytics, and Search Engine Optimization. It can be integrated with, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and a few more. This tool is not only beneficial as a great lead generation tool but empowers you with abundant features

Price : Free, Premium plans starts from 35$/month

Salesforce is one of the most popular lead management software. You can manage your potential clients and channelize the time and efforts of your sales team on the people who are more of a priority. Just like HubSpot, it can too integrate with a plethora of software and web apps like LinkedIn, Slack, and Gsuite.

Salesforce is among the world’s top sales and lead management software. It includes tools to help you manage sales leads, customers, sales teams, and more. It integrates with a wide range of sales and marketing software to help businesses sell more and deliver better customer service.

Price: It depends on the products you choose. See salesforce pricing for more info.

Email finding tools

If you know your user persona but you don’t have a point of contact, you can always rely on emails. You can gather email addresses from these email finding tools and reach out to them via cold email. This is still a widely used lead generation strategy.

This is a very interesting tool if you want to target a particular company for your lead generation. You can type your targeted company name on the search box of the tool and it would show you all the public email addresses of that company available throughout the internet. It also posts the sources from where the information comes from.

Price – Free plan includes 50 Search Credits, Premium plan starts from 49$/month.

This tool would let you find any person’s corporate email address through their first name, last name, and the domain of their company. The tool also sends a ping to the mail host that would verify your email address. This allows you to get accurate email addresses through basic information of your leads.

With Viola Norbert, a person can find any corporate email address using First name, last name, and domain. Norbert sends a signal to the mail host to verify the email addresses. So, I won’t have to worry about the email being wrong and the best part will find an email address free of charge.

Price – Starts from 49$/month

Social media marketing tool

Social media is where the whole world goes to have fun and relax. But most businesses have become storytellers and they are here to break the traditional forms of communicating. That’s why you can connect to your target audience on social media and use these tools as your lead generation tools.

Lead connect is a LinkedIn Marketing tool that connects you with your prospects on LinkedIn. You can send automated LinkedIn invitations by putting your buyer persona in the query and also schedules follow-up messages so that you don’t need to keep on rechecking on them. It has a bulk email finder feature inbuilt which would help you gain email addresses of your prospects and a way to generate more sales.

Price: Free, Premium plan starts from 22.95$/month

Hootsuite’s AdEspresso is a social media marketing tool that would let you generate leads by posting advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. It will let you A/B test your ad variants and measure the success of your campaigns. You can change the demographics of your audience as well. Other than that it would provide you with deep analytics within their dashboard so you can check the performance of your ads.

Price : 59$/month(annually) 

Facebook ad manager is a Facebook and Instagram marketing platform by Facebook Inc. You can create posts with images or text and run it as an ad from your social media profiles. You will get an option to choose the type of advertisement you want i.e. post or story. It will also let you choose the time of running your campaign and the number of people your ad will reach depending on your demographics. It is suggested that you choose a niche demographic that would allow you to narrow down your reach to the right audience that you be your potential leads.

Price: Free


We can’t emphasize enough on how important it is to use a lead generation tool to enhance the productivity of your sales team. This was the list of some of the best lead generation tools that we could find. If you know of some tools that we might have missed out on, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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