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We are happy that you choose to write on fasproc.

Our blog would be great to showcase your subject expertise and gaining exposure to a wide reader base. Before jumping to the guidelines, we would like to make you aware of the Fasproc to help you identify whether you are the right person for guest posting at Fasproc or not.

Fasproc is a fast process automation platform that lets you build and run processes across teams, customers, and partners. It lets you automate approval, onboarding, review, access control, signature, compliance, checklist, and more processes as one can imagine. Knowledge professionals who understand the process better can design and automate it themselves in minutes.

Let us define our blog readers

Our readers include (but are not limited to) Directors, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, salespeople, and business leaders from the Small and Medium businesses across all industries. They certainly look for actionable items to implement in their business rather than just information overload in our blog.

Who are we looking for as a contributor?

We are looking for industry professionals who are passionate about business process automation. There is no specific position that you need to be at. You can be a director, CEO, Marketer, industry specialist, or executive who wants to leave their thought leadership with their insightful articles. We want you as our contributor if you want to help the users with your industry expertise and actionable tips. 

Please note: We highly appreciate the content which solves the reader’s query. So, please be focused on that instead of thinking for keyword stuffing. We want to make readers happy not Google.

Topics you can choose

  • Business Process Automation
  • Mid Market Business Challenges
  • Growth hacking
  • Workflow Automation 
  • SaaS Integrations
  • Future of Work
  • Digital Transformation
  • Operation Excellence

These are just a few ideas for you to think upon. Don’t limit yourself to it. You can also go for topics that cover Productivity, Actionable Tips, Case Studies, Steps to perform some function, or any such related topics.

Submission Guidelines

  • We are looking for people who enjoy writing content within our niche. Please see “Topics you can choose from” section to check whether your topic is fit for contributing or not.
  • There is no word limit to the articles as far as the point is getting across. We prefer quality over quantity.
  • The article must be original, unique, with some actionable giveaway that our readers can implement. We have a strict plagiarism policy.
  • The article must be well researched and targeted at a particular keyword. Don’t stuff it to beat the algorithm. The keyword is to keep you focused.
  • If you’re adding any research, please attach the relevant source along with it.
  • Use appropriate media (copyright-free), heading, and subheading to address the best user experience and make it visually appealing. Try to add at least 2-3 images or embed a video.
  • Make proper use of bullets and numbering whenever required.
  • Make sure the paragraph is under 150 – 200 words.
  • No affiliate, spammy, or paid links are allowed.

Submission Process

  • If you can match the above criteria, please fill the form given below. 
  • Once we receive your submission, we’ll analyze it and get back to you on your email address requesting you to submit an initial outline for the blog.
  • You can choose your own deadline. Art never works with pressure.
  • Once the writing is completed, share your first draft on an editable google doc.
  • We will suggest if there are any changes or suggestions from our side. If not, we’ll give you the publish date as per our editorial calendar.

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