We want you to focus on what matters most.

Since the entry of millennials in the workforce, you can see the shift in the way businesses work. Today, change is the only constant. You can’t continue doing your job as you have been doing for years. The millennial workforce is ambitious and believes in achieving things at a faster pace. Companies have started optimizing every touchpoint proactively to respond to changing consumer needs. “Obsession towards customer success” is higher than ever. Today, Speed and agility are not optional.

Fasproc is born with the belief that you should focus on what matters most. Processes are the heart of any business because they have the ability to make or break the business. Regardless of the size, Effectiveness and Efficiency processes have a significant role in the growth of the business.

Our Mission is to deliver the fastest experience of building and executing processes.

The Current way of running and implementing processes is slow because people, cross-functional dependencies, and customers are afterthoughts in the process design. Those static self-satisfying flowcharts, over-engineered, and few consultant driven solutions discourage the workforce and also does not make up for the promise in this ever-changing world. Implementing and adapting to processes is painful. It is not only costly, IT-dependent, but also very time-consuming.

Our mission is to deliver the fastest experience of building and executing processes with automation, and optimized people experience. We envision a future where:

Domain experts will have the ability to build process automation in minutes without any technical prerequisite.

People find fun while
participating in the
process and quickly
finish tasks.

Organizations are repeatedly
able to deliver a superior
experience to their customer.

” We can deliver superior customer experience only by solving the core problems of processes in depth.”

Akash Kotadia

Founder, Fasproc